CCMS – How It Works

Publish and distribute requirements. Track compliance. It’s easy.logo_ccms_nobg

Doxcelerate CCMS helps enterprises manage compliance content across the entire compliance lifecycle, from requirements publishing and distribution to reporting, review, and approvals.

  • Safeguard compliance content. Keep content safe with rigorous security features.
  • Streamline and accelerate compliance. Automate submission-template creation and submission review.
  • Make compliance easier. Support manual data input and bulk data uploading.
  • Increase transparency. Give reporting organizations real-time access to their compliance status.
  • Engage reporting organizations more deeply. Communicate with reporting organizations in real time and on the record.
  • Simplify reviewing. Track report completeness, accuracy, compliance, and trends.
  • Use data however you want. Support a range of data-export formats to drive analytics and reporting and publish data to the web.
  • Keep your existing processes. Customize CCMS to fit your unique submission and review workflow needs.
  • Scale quickly, effectively, and affordably. Increase accessibility and lower costs by moving to our powerful, secure cloud-based system.

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