Who are the key experts in any given subject area?

RevCom allows you to delegate the identification of key experts to the local points of contact for each group, office, location, or organization involved in the review process.

Because the manager on the floor knows the people, their expertise, their schedules—and their back-ups—you get willing and engaged participation in the process.

At Doxcelerate, we’re working new RevCom algorithms that will use your review history to automatically identify key experts by location, group, and subject area. And each new coordinator will automatically inherit the expert network established by his or her predecessor.

How do you keep from overwhelming the experts with too many review assignments?

When experts and implementers only have to focus on document reviews that are relevant to their position and expertise—and are not overloaded with review assignments that have nothing to do with them—they will have sufficient time to actively participate in the development process, and you can be sure that the final document will be effective, efficient and useful.

RevCom provides local coordinators with the tools they need to balance and share the review workload for their subject-matter experts.

How do you keep from losing your subject-matter experts after one or two reviews?

The best way to keep your expert reviewers actively engaged in your review processes is to let them see how their efforts contribute to the final documents.

RevCom automatically notifies your reviewers once their comments have been addressed and their issues resolved.

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