Doxcelerate RevCom is a highly scalable workflow system designed to help regulatory agencies and oversight organizations better manage the development of policies, procedures, regulations, and standards.

Enterprise Policy & Regulation Development
Want to create better policies? Get better input.

To create better policies and procedures, you need to engage the right people in the development process, at the right times. Doxcelerate RevCom, our managed collaboration system, makes it simple to find and engage subject-matter experts across your enterprise – so you can develop the right policy and procedures the first time.

Manage and control the development, review, and approval of policies, procedures, regulations, and standards. Enhance collaboration. Accelerate document development. Control who accesses what, when. Keep the process moving forward automatically, without changing your business workflow.

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Policy Portal

Publish, revise, and archive policies

The best resource for managers and staff who work the line in your organization, Policy Portal is a policy and procedure content management system that allows you to organize your policies and procedures simply and quickly. Organize your documents by number, subject, source, issue date or relevance—it’s up to you. Policy Portal lets you craft the pathways for browsing and searching that makes the most sense for your staff.

Revisions and cancellations are a necessary part of a well-managed policy system, and Policy Portal keeps track of all your versions and changes for you. The system tracks the full life-cycle of every policy document, from issuance to final cancellation. With a fully indexed and searchable archive, you can easily identify all of the policies that were in effect on any given day.


The Compliance Certification Management System (CCMS) streamlines the reporting process for government regulatory agencies and any organization that relies on performance or compliance reporting as a critical part of their management and oversight role. CCMS features

  • A simple, web-based tool for submitting, reviewing, managing, and approving compliance reports
  • Real-time progress and status information for the submitters and for agency management
  • Analysis modules for determining report completeness, accuracy, compliance, and trends
  • Automatic adjustment to meet changing compliance requirements and specifications
  • Easy export for in-depth data analysis and publishing on the web

While many products automate and streamline the compliance reporting processes for business and industry, CCMS is the first compliance life-cycle management system for regulatory agencies and oversight organizations.